Arti Romagnole . Italian Handicraft is an online shop for the sale of handicrafts made in Italy. All the merchandise is created following traditional italian practices by a network of local craftsmen, and carefully selected by stems from the idea of a group of people from Rimini, with the aim of promoting local and folkloric artisanship, and supporting the small workshops that manufacture quality products. It is based in Rimini, a lively and welcoming town, modern but still full of ancient history and deeply-rooted traditions, found in the middle of the Emilia-Romagna region.

Colors, flavors and shapes, turn into household products, personal belongings and everyday objects. These items are designed to be part of daily life, with the habits and small tokens that make it so unique and, quite peculiar. Pieces that bring along the taste and the desire of a life inspired by tranquility, and more contemporary pieces that come from a world of fantasy and oddity.

Inspiration,creativity, passion and dedication have deep roots in the local cultures and customs. Through the patient work of craftsmen, these features take shape and become objects that can be truly precious, for the artisanal production also allows to customize the merchandise.

Along with the sale, Arti Romagnole . Italian Handicraft, aspires to narrate the stories and the culture behind the creation of these pieces, this, by means of a dedicated blog, therefore giving voice to the backgrounds and historic events that lead to the development of traditional handicraft to this day. This enables those who are more interested, to see and understand how these items are brought to life through ancient work processes and the craftsman artistry: hands, time and erudition.